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Bunco Setup

Bunco Setup

Bunco requires 3 tables seating 4 players each for a total of 12 players. One table is the "Head" table, followed by the "Middle" table and the "Losing" table. Each table needs:

  • 3 dice (some spares are also a good idea)
  • 4 score sheets (1 for each player)
  • 2 pens or pencils for team score keeping
  • 1 Scratch pad or paper for scoring rounds
The Head table also needs a bell to signify the end of each round.

How To Play Bunco

Bunco Play

Each table has two teams with the team members sitting opposite their team mate. The first round begins with the first player at each table trying to roll "1"s. That player will score 1 point for every "1" they roll, 5 points for 3 of a kind other than the target number and 21 points(Bunco) for three of a kind of the target number. That player rolls until they do not roll a "1" and the play moves to the next player on their left. The round continues until a team at the head table either scores a total of 21 points or scores a "Bunco".

At the end of the round, scores are compared between the teams at each table, score sheets are marked as a win or loss with the winning team moving up a table, the losing team moves down a table. Round 2 players will attempt to roll "2"s with the number increasing every round.

Score Sheets

Bunco Score Sheets

We have a page where you can print bunco score sheets. Our score sheet has been formatted to print 4 per page. Print on a heavier colored paper for best effect.
Click here to open the printable score sheets

Bird's Slushy Margaritas

Slushy Margarita Reicpe
  • 1 large can of frozen Limeade mix (pour into a rectangular Tupperware)
  • Using the empty can as a measure, add 1 can of water
  • Add 1 can of 7-up
  • Add 1 can of Bacardi light rum
  • Mix the ingredients and leave in the freezer for at least 1 day, 2 days is better
  • If you are going to want more, just use 2 cans of everything, keep in the freezer between servings